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    All Documents are from the right sources

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    We are in partnership with the government, immigration and many other organization in charged of document processing

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    We have worked with 106 countries, with more than 18000 successful registrations

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    We are operational 24/7. Our support team is always available to assist you

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Buy ielts certificate We are the #1 producers of  real  documents online. All recognized globally in the industry of registered in the various database units. We help people with difficulties in obtaining document. Our association with numerous agents in embassies, different government institutions and interior or exterior ministries authenticate everything we process and ensure all of the  documents comply with all security features and successfully qualify for all scans and optical readers or even online verification tools.

To overcome the security threats, we register the  documents in the supposed government database system so that the document can be verified anytime in the system and confirm that it is real and genuine. So you are confident to use any document you obtain using us. We  are against the distribution and usage of fake documents. We encourage all our clients to take authenticity of their documents very serious. We even give you the opportunity to take your document to any official for verification and clarification just so you move around with ease.

Thanks to us , we are able to make people in the world obtain any kind of document they are interested in from the comfort of their homes using online with just a click. We have offered a wide range variety of certifications from education right up to government official documents. We are trusted and reliable. 

Obtaining a second passport and dual citizenship online is now a reality, Drivers license, IETLS without exam, IELTS Exam Papers, PTE without exam, TOEFL, GRE , CELPIP,   SAT and so on. We have been helping our clients for years to get these documents that comes with number of advantages and can change their life forever.

What Our Customers are Saying

Global ielts unit give all our clients and candidates, the ability to check if the documents they obtained are valid or not. We do this to build trust and confidence in them so they can proceed to use them with ease without any panic. We even teach how to use the verification tools.  Tips on how to identify a fake document. For istance, that of IELTS, you can easily use the British Council and IDP tools to verify if the certificate you got, is genuine or not.

It’s forbidden to use a fake document for legal processes. We totally discourage the usage of fake documents. We don’t offer or sale fake documents here. We do these because we know the consequences of using an unregistered document. You can be arrested and jailed because of it. Some people face ban and restrictions for many years. It’s unhealthy trying to use a fake document.